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Housewife’s Roadmap to Becoming Professional Flash Developer

This short tutorial provides detailed step-by-step instructions on becoming a real flash guru in a couple of hours. So read it carefully.
Step 1. Download AuroraFlash Site Builder to your PC
Step 2. Install the application.
Step 3. Create stunning flash web site.
Step 4. Publish the project to your server.
Step 5. Boast and enjoy.

If the neighbor asks to make him web site too tell the guys you charge $50 per hour. Cause you are a real flash guru now. Or almost real J, who cares if the result is the same.
Now seriously. AuroraFlash is free, professional and easy to use desktop application allowing any computer savvy user to create great eye-catching flash websites in visual mode. No special skills, coding experience or additional software required. Everything you need is already included. Every copy of the software comes with WYSIWYG flash site editor and a set of pre designed flash templates and content layouts. Unique site architecture helps you to create the most sophisticated complex websites with multilevel menu structure, unlimited number of pages, search engine capabilities that come right out of the box.
It will take you about half an hour to figure out how the interface works, we tried to keep is as simple as possible. Site builder wizard will guide you trough all steps of site development. In the left part of the screen you can see your website and how the changes take effect. And when you finally finish and suddenly understand you want to change the design dramatically – it’s not a problem. You can just apply another design without the risk of data loss! Everything can be changed on the fly. Without any string of code and absolutely free of charge! Btw all further updates, patches, upcoming templates/widgets/layouts/other design stuff come 100% free. We have no “top secret plans” how to ask if you have a credit card when you press “Publish Site” button ;-)
As you see “becoming flash guru tutorial”l is not a joke, the only extra step you should make is “switch ON your imagination”. Hope you enjoy our product!
This post is submitted by a guest author, Martin Jorgensen, from AuroraFlash.


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