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FlashEff Pattern Contest

Jumpeye components is holding a Flash effect pattern contest with total 3 prices worth $7,500. Each winner will get $2,000 cache and $500 discount coupons to be spent on JumpeyeComponents.com products.
The contest is open to any Flash developer. You need to have advanced skills for ActionScript 3.0 and strong OOP background to participate in the contest. Submissions are open till October 31st 2008. Be sure to check out FlashEff.com SDK or Developer API page for the contest details and requirements.
What is FlashEff? 
FlashEff is a Flash CS3 AS3.0 component that can build effects on any object (image, movieclip, and text) and to configure interactive animations visually without knowing ActionScript.
Jumpeye ComponentsÂ
Jumpeye components is a company which sells high quality Flash components or extensions.


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