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Google Chrome Beta

Did you know about Google Chrome (beta) which is new web browser just released? IF you are not, you shall try and see it in action. Some of the greatest features included are
  • Dynamic Tabs – Drag and Drop tabs to arrange or group in any combination of multiple tabs or windows easily.
  • Crash Control – Tabs are running independently. If one app is crashed, there is a task manager to close it without affecting other tabs.
  • Incognito mode for private browsing.
  • Application Shortcuts to put on desktop, start menu or quick launch bar.
  • Import settings – It is pretty easy to import bookmarks and passwords from existing browser.
  • New Tab page which shows recently visited websites, search engines and recent bookmarks.
  • Memory Usage – You can check memory usage for every tab page.
Information for web developers
Why Google invented Chrome browser?
Oh… it crashes when you enter :% in Google Chrome address bar.
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Google Chrome Beta Google Chrome Memory Usage Google Chrome Task Manager


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